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Root Chakra


Located at the base of the spine, ( or perineum if you are born a woman ) the root chakra, also know as Muladhara in sanskrit, is a direct link to earth. It gives you the ability to feel grounded and secure. A healthy connection will bring feelings of safety and protection.

The Root chakra has associations with the adrenal glands ( fight or flight response ), the colon, and bladder.

What the Root chakra can bring to you... feeling safe and stable. Feeling grounded and secure. Strength and raised self esteem.

A balanced Root chakra brings feelings of stability and security, rational thinking, You will have a positive mindset, high energy, have an enjoyment of the outdoors and want to be outside, the ability to trust yourself.

An unbalanced root chakra brings feelings of anxiousness, depression. Feel fearful, lost, and stressed. You may have no will power, A low immune system, Feel powerless and angry, Have no focus. 

You May also have Physical symptoms, these are found mainly in the legs, feet, rectum, and tailbone. It may present as degenerative arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, eating disorders, constipation and aches and pains in the lower back area of your physical body.

Other associations of the root chakra.




Mantras you could use.

Cyprus, Fir, Clove

Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo


The earth supports me, I have everything I need

Crystal Associations


Garnet is a powerful stone with properties that can help ground your energy and connect you to your roots. Associated with the root chakra, Garnet can help you feel more grounded, secure and connected to the earth. This stone can also provide protection and clear negative energy from your aura. 

Red jasper

Red Jasper is revered for its powerful properties and connection to the root chakra. When using Red Jasper during meditation or mindfulness practices, you may feel a profound sense of grounding and stability. Its unique properties can also help with promoting physical strength and supporting courage when facing difficult times. 


Hematite is a powerful crystal that is particularly effective in grounding and protecting. With its natural properties, it is an indispensable tool for balancing your energy and for rooting you firmly in this reality. By connecting with your root chakra, this stone gives you the strength and stability to stand your ground and to move forward with confidence.

Black obsidian

black obsidian_edited.jpg

Black Obsidian is an incredible stone known for its healing properties. It is a popular choice for its connection to the root chakra. When using Black Obsidian, many people experience a sense of grounding and protection, helping to restore balance to the body and mind. 

Black Tourmaline

Smoky Quartz

When it comes to balancing the root chakra, look no further than Smoky Quartz. Our Smoky Quartz is prized for its subtle and alluring nature, providing a powerful connection to both the earth and the spiritual realm. You'll feel centred and grounded by using and wearing this unique stone.


Black onyx

Mahogany obsidian

mahogany obsidian_edited.jpg

If you're looking to balance your Chakra and experience a grounding effect, Mahogany Obsidian is an excellent choice. This beautiful crystal promotes strength, vitality, and growth while supporting the connection to your root chakra. Mahogany Obsidian crystal will leave you feeling centred and empowered.



Red tigers eye

Poppy jasper


Brown jasper

Black jasper




Bronzite is a powerful stone that is closely connected to the root chakra. You will feel a strong sense of grounding and stability, which can help you establish a stronger connection with the earth. Through this connection, you will feel more balanced and centred, which can help you navigate through life's challenges more easily.

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