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Heart Chakra


Located in the centre of the chest. The Heart Chakra is where the heart is. The Heart chakra is the balance within the whole  Chakra system.

Known to link with the heart, it also links with the chest area, love and acceptance.

The meaning of the Heart chakra is that of love, empathy, aid in emotional balance, bring inner peace, help make connections, aid with acceptance and compassion.

An unbalanced Heart Chakra brings with it negative self imagery, a mistrust of others, feelings of jealousy, you may be quick to judge and find it difficult to forgive, have feelings of sensitivity, and negative self talks.

You may also experience physical symptoms these can include, a lowered immune system, heart and lung issues ( heart palpitations, respiratory issues ), poor circulation, you could have high or low blood pressure, you could experience tight chest pain.

A balanced Heart chakra brings out compassion for all, empathy, self love and inner peace, you will have the ability to forgive, healthy blood pressure and circulation, feel balanced and practice self care, have the ability to experience unconditional love.

Other associations of the Heart Chakra include




Mantras you could use include

Rose, Bergamot

Gemini, Libra


I accept myself as i am
I am at peace
I am love

Crystal Associations

Rose quartz




Malachite is a stone that has been revered for its healing properties for centuries. It's known to be particularly helpful for those seeking to balance their heart chakra. Malachite is said to release negative energy and promote emotional healing, making it a great stone to keep on hand during times of stress. Additionally, malachite is believed to enhance intuition and promote positive transformation.

Green aventurine

green aventurine_edited.jpg

Green aventurine is a beautiful stone known for its healing properties, specifically in opening up the heart chakra to help you connect more deeply with yourself and others. When you hold or wear green aventurine, you may feel a sense of calm, balance, and renewal. This stone is perfect for those who want to invite more love, compassion, and joy into their lives.



Amazonite is a popular gemstone that promotes emotional balance and is perfect for those looking to boost their emotional well-being. It is known for its properties to stimulate and balance the heart chakra, promoting love, compassion, and forgiveness. When you wear or meditate with amazonite, you'll start feeling more connected to your emotions and become more in tune with your inner self.

Green quartz

Green tourmaline



Peridot is a stone of compassion and balance, with a unique connection to the heart chakra. When you wear or hold Peridot, it can help you tap into your true feelings and emotions, allowing you to experience a sense of inner peace and harmony. Its vibrant green color is also known to bring prosperity and abundance into your life. If you're looking to balance your heart chakra and experience the healing power of this beautiful stone, look no further than Peridot.

Green sapphire



The emerald is known for its properties in healing the heart chakra and promoting feelings of love and compassion. It is a powerful tool for transformation and can help bring a sense of balance and harmony to one's life. This gemstone is also believed to enhance memory and increase mental clarity, making it a great aid for meditation and spiritual growth.

Green jade



Prehnite is a crystal that is commonly associated with the heart chakra. Its beautiful green color symbolizes new growth and positive energy, while its heart-opening properties encourage love, compassion and emotional balance. When you hold or wear prehnite, you will feel a sense of calm and peacefulness, helping to bring joy to your life.

Green jasper


Green calcite


Moss agate

Green goldstone

green goldstone_edited.jpg

 Being associated with the heart chakra, this stone is believed to help with negative emotions and enhance feelings of love, compassion, and empathy. When using Green Goldstone, you can expect to feel more peaceful, relaxed, and balanced.

Pink tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline




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